Austin Pickup

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About Us

We are a pickup company located in Austin, TX.

Pickup is our passion and we have a strong desire to teach others how to improve their lives in regards to women.

Bluehaze, our founder, has focused his entire PUA career on learning faster and more efficient ways of gets results. His philosophy is that life is too short and you need to get results fast.

He has trained with master pickup artists such as El Topo and Tyler W. Apart from that, he has been involved in multiple lairs in the Austin area and has taken on roles in these groups. Bluehaze is active in the Austin, TX Pickup scene and is constantly learning from everyone he meets.

Why would you want to learn from us?

That is a question I ask myself anytime I meet a new PUA or master PUA. Honestly, my philosophy is, "Anything that gets you closer to your goal is worth learning. It doesn't matter where or who you learn it from."

We have some original systems that no one else has.

These include:

1. Super-fast learning system

2. Laser Mental Focus course

The super fast learning system is developed by Bluehaze. It is a method of learning any style of Pickup faster. It involves different techniques and preparation that help you learn what you want much faster. We have yet to see anyone that has introduced a learning system. Everyone just has pickup systems that you have to learn the hard way.

The Laser Mental Focus course is a personalized course that is customized to each student. It focuses your mind on what you need in order to get the fastest and most satisying results for your own personal self. 

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